Expolared was founded in 2020 by Lars Dercks en Jesse Dercks. Two brothers that love to explore. Cameras have always been a big part of our lifes. For us it was not only creating memories. But it was a tool to explore the world, tell stories and capture the beauty of nature. That's what eventually became the core of this amazing company. 


Our stories matter, because we believe they matter. That's the start of telling good stories. To believe in what you are working on. We may work on projects people say are too small, big or hard, but if we believe in the story, we will create. That's what pushes us to keep on creating content that leaves an impact.


We support, develop and obviously explore talent. Together it is our goal to have that impact we believe matter. 

Expolared loves to explore your ideas and see what we can do for you. And maybe you like to explore what impact we can have.